About us

Our company

Maes Seeds is the brand name of the company NV Roger Maes.

NV Roger Maes is a seed breeding company specialized in field vegetables, herbs and grasses. NV Roger Maes is the only commercial company in Belgium that focuses on the breeding of field vegetables. The headquarters are located in Belgium, t Hoge 61, 8500 Kortrijk.

NV Roger Maes is owned by Francis Maes. In addition to his role as business manager, Francis Maes is also the expert in breeding.

NV Roger Maes works with subcontractors in various countries who are responsible for the production. To prevent possible failures due to poor germination, seed production is spread over two locations and even a part is grown under tunnel.

Sales is done by a worldwide network of wholesalers and independent distributors.

Our history

The NV Roger Maes company was started in 1935 by the father of the current owner. Initially the company was a wholesaler of seeds.

Plant breeding was started in 1946. From the beginning of the 90s, the activity of improvement of leeks was started. This resulted in the inclusion of 4 varieties on the Belgian variety lists: FM 2008 Fama - FM 2002 Makostar - FM 2005 Wendy and FM 2009 Dana.

In 2006 the company started with its own breeding program for the development of hybrid leek varieties. At the beginning this involved collaboration with an external hybrid breeder. This resulted in a first series of 96 hybrids that were tested under Flemish conditions in 2010.

Further development led to other hybrid varieties that are now authorised for commercialization: Mako-Power, Mako-Nice, Mako-Bello, Mako-Flash. The most recent development is the adaptation of all seeds for organic cultivation.

The accumulated knowledge is also applied to other crops that are bred on the farm. These are celeriac, green celery, parsley, salsify, chicory, arugula, chervil and other herbs.

Currently, NV Roger Maes is operating worldwide offering a wide range of vegetables and herb seeds, grass seeds and accessories for gardening.

Our expertise

NV Roger Maes has test fields in various countries to test the influence of climate on the seeds. NV Roger Maes also has a close collaboration with University of Ghent under the leadership of Dr. Prof. Geert Haesaert. The intention is to develop disease-free leek hybrid varieties for the market. The University of Ghent has the appropriate infrastructure and qualified staff. The trip test is done in consultation with the Agrozoologie laboratory of UGent. This laboratory belongs to the same research group association as the plant production department of Hogent in Ghent. The Ghent University College has extensive experience in collecting and cultivating fungi, infection techniques and conservation, both for biotrophic and non-biotrophic species.
The preparation of infection protocols and the elaboration of assessment scales is done by Hogent. The implementation is done by NV Roger Maes.

New lines are coming soon. These are realized in collaboration with the collaboration of the Ugent and Francis Maes