Deterrence devices

Do not let your harvest or garden be destroyed by small animals and birds. We have a wide range of devices for you to keep these intruders away.

Universal electronic deterrence devices for birds and animals

Scarey Man
Scarey Man Suitable for chasing away animals such as pigeons, rabbits, hares, starlings, rooks, ...
The Scarey Man is a defense system that is water resistant and equipped with a light detector, a siren on/off selector button and an inflatable doll.
The Scarey Man can guard up to 2 ha of field, depending on the height. For example, at cauliflower grower, the pop can protect an area of 1 ha at ground level. But with the same grower, the doll can safely increase the surface enormously at a height of 3 meters!
By choosing the day/night option, you can program in advance if the doll only works during the day, at night or 24 hours a day. At night you can then switch off the siren and activate a light. With that, you can drive away at night rabbits, hares and other rodents, without noise! The Scarey Man works on a 12V car battery (lifespan between 2 and 3 weeks) or via a 12V - 220W transformer. Optionally, a power charger with solar cells can be ordered. It is also possible to have a timer installed to control the interval.

Patrol has been developed to efficiently chase away birds where it is needed, such as at small airports, beaches, bridges, masts, squares, areas in the food industry, fruit plantations, agriculture and horticulture ...
Patrol is portable , always equipped with 8 rechargeable AA batteries and an electronic charger for 8 batteries. Up to 6 different anxiety cries are programmed as standard (pigeons, seagulls, starlings, crows, chews, etc.) but other anxiety cries (distress calls) can be programmed on request. These cries are very natural and efficient and never result in habituation.
Patrol is also equipped with an alarm button and a megaphone function called "live speach" with a range of up to 300 meters. Patrol is provided with true-to-life bird cries so that they do not stand out and do not disturb at all in public places. The effect is therefore not a nuisance to humans and animals and usually does not even stand out at all. The sound volume may therefore not be higher than in nature.
Patrol is always supplied with a water-resistant carrying case with a separate compartment for the charger and the instructions for use.
Patrol is only one of our products. We also supply mobile devices that can be placed on any vehicle (equipped with rechargeable batteries or can be connected to the vehicle's battery) and fixed devices with professional horn speakers that can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
< br> The standard Patrol II is equipped with the following alarm cries:
- Gull Herring gull / Common gull / Black headed gull
- Lapwing Kiviet
- Starling Starling
- Smoke Crow (Rook is a kind of crow)
- Magpie Magpie
- Pigeon Pigeon
- Crow Crow

Rapptor 32 en 35
Raptor 32 Electronic deterrence devices against birds and small animals. Works on 12V car battery (220V transformer available on request). The volume and interval can be adjusted.
The standard Patrol II is equipped with the following alarm cries:
- Dog barking
- Helicopter noise
- Fire arrow
- Screams of fear of starlings
- Various other birds of prey sounds.
The Rapptor is equipped with 1 heavy horn loudspeaker and easily orientable away from the built-up area. There is a built-in HP filter (eliminating disturbing high frequencies)

Electronic rodent expeller

With these devices you limit damage caused by mice, rats, voles, voles, moles, rabbits, hares and deer.
It is an animal-friendly and human way to effectively get rid of all the damage and misery caused by these animals.
This professional device, among other things, produces ultrasonic waves that have a very disturbing effect on the hearing and nervous system of the rodents to be driven away so that they eventually leave the site. Both the frequency and the sweep interval are infinitely adjustable so that the correct setting can easily be chosen for each type of rodent.
The electronic rodent chase consists of an electronic part that brings the signals via loudspeaker cable to 3 plezo high-tone loudspeakers that are mounted in watertight boxes called turbo. Maximum 4 turbos can be connected to 1 electronic amplifier.
One electronic amplifier and 1 turbo are sufficient to keep a maximum of 1 Ha free. Up to 4 ha can be kept free with 4 turbos.
The electronic rodent chase works on both 220V mains and 12V (eg car battery).

Deterrence devices for domestic applications

Transonic 180-E & 280-E
Transonic Dislodges fleas, spiders, crickets, bats, many insects, mice.
Suitable for surfaces up to 90 m2
Operates on 220V

Transonic 220-E
Dislodges fleas, spiders, crickets, bats, many insects, mice.
Suitable for surfaces up to 125 m2
Operates on 220V

Transonic 300-E
Dislodges fleas, spiders, crickets, bats, many insects, mice, rats.
Suitable for surfaces up to 270 m2
Operates on 220V

Cix Dislodges fleas, spiders, crickets, bats, many insects, mice, rats, rabbits
Suitable for surfaces up to 325 m2
Operates on 220V

Dislodges fleas, spiders, crickets, bats, many insects, mice, rats, rabbits
Suitable for surfaces up to 460 m2
Operates on 220V

Cat stop
Cat_stop Turns your garden into a cat-free zone.
This system keeps unwanted cats out of your garden in an effective and human way. The Cat stop uses a built-in sensor that detects every movement of a creeping cat and then sends out a high-frequency sound wave that immediately frightens the cat. You don't hear this sound, but the cat certainly does.

Yard & Garden
Yard & garden The Yard & Garden drives away cats and dogs.
Suitable for surfaces up to 360 m2.
Operates on 220V x 4 C batteries.

Small Swedish Mousetrap
A very simple but very effective system to get rid of mice.


Ballon scare eyes
The Ballon scare eyes is an inflatable ball to hang in small or large fruit trees.


Deterrence devices for industrial applications

Mako I
The MAKO I is an automatic driving device for use in sheds (with 1 external megaphone). The device is fully automatic: you set the times when the device must work (eg from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) every day.
A maximum of 4 megaphones can be connected to the device. Every megaphone has a volume of 25 W. This is audible up to about 1 km.
The installation works on 12 V DC. On request the device can also be supplied on 230 V.
The installation in the wooden case (concrete plywood) is weatherproof. The megaphone must be hung in a dry place.
The device can be used to protect different crops.
Different types of sounds can be selected that are automatically played and repeated. The sounds consist of fear cries in combination with bird of prey sounds and each time an interval.

Mako III
Mako III The MAKO III is like the MAKO I but has 2 megaphones that produce the sound.
The sound is quite powerful and reaches a distance of 250 meters.
Between every sound there is also a moment of silence (pause)

Mako IV
The MAKO VI is a very powerful fully automatic driving device for the field (with external speakers).
The device is similar to the MAKO I but every horn loudspeaker has a powerful volume of 40W for a large range. There is a choice between rectangular or round horn speakers. Horn speakers should not hang in the rain.
The device has different sound folders. Each folder consists of a series of sounds that will eliminate the nuisance of the birds / animals involved.
MAP 1 - anti crow
MAP 2 - anti starling
MAP 3 - anti crow and anti starling
MAP 4 - anti fox
MAP 5 - anti sparrow MAP 6 - anti gulls
MAP 7 - anti pigeons
MAP 8 - protection of ducks
MAP 9 - protection of cherries, plums and strawberries MAP 10 - only birds of prey

MAP 11 - protection of cherries
MAP 12 - universal driving sounds without sirens with pause
MAP 13 - universal driving sounds with sirens and large pause

Mako V
Mako V Dispel device against rodents (rats ...) for use in sheds.
This device makes sounds with very high frequencies. There are 2 high-frequency speakers in the device. These transmit sounds that are difficult to hear for humans, but rodents such as rats get mad and disappear.
The device can work on 230V or 12V DC.

Mako VI
The MAKO VI is a handy portable (converted) megaphone. It is especially suitable for individuals. You choose which sounds to play (see MAP).
The device works on 4C 1.5 V batteries (not included). The noise level is adjustable and can be heard up to 250 meters.
Ideal for chasing the nuisance of eg crows / jackdaws out of the garden to protect your cherries from the birds.

Mako VII
The MAKO VII is the larger version of the MAKO VI and has 8C batteries. The sound level is adjustable and can be heard up to 800 meters away.